Safeguarding Training 2018

Our Teachers, TA’s and Consultants have recently completed Salford Council’s 2018 Safeguarding Training, on behalf of Salford Supply Desk. We aim to update all of our staff’s Safeguarding training to a maximum of two years by offering free annual courses.

This year, our Safeguarding Training was focused on gang related violence and the influence it can have on children and families. Salford has recently had some shocking incidents in which the source of the issue has been gang related. We often find Safeguarding training can be gruelling due to the hard hitting information we gather, and this year was in particularly insightful.

We thank all of our fantastic Teacher’s and Teaching Assistants who attended this course. We hope the information you have gained will benefit you not only within Education, but in every day life. We love our city and wish that if a situation was to arrive you will now be able to notice a concern and make a difference.

If you wish to update your Safeguarding training, please get in touch with our team on 0161 743 3720!