Useful Social Media Tips:

Even though educators have a right to their personal lives and opinions, it’s important to remember that you are something of a public figure, at least as far as parents are concerned. How you are perceived – even when you’re not at work – can have an impact on your career and how people think about you. That doesn’t mean that you should shy away from posting pictures or comments, but it does mean that people may judge you based on how you appear or what opinions you express.
We’re not saying that you can’t ever express an opinion, but do consider how it might affect how people in your community perceive you.
Before posting materials online stop and ask yourself:
1. Might it reflect poorly on you, your school, employer or the teaching profession?
2. Is your intention to post this material driven by personal reasons or professional reasons?
3. Are you confident that the comment or other media in question, if accessed by others, (colleagues, parents etc) would be considered reasonable and appropriate?