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Supply teaching gives you the opportunity to work in many different types of schools and with varying age ranges. At the same time you have an element of flexibility in deciding where and when you wish to teach..

Why work with us?
At SSD we care about you. We will support you in a number of ways and offer the following range of excellent benefits:

Find you work ASAP with a choice of short or long-term work to suit your needs
Aim to keep your travelling to a minimum
Give you as much information about a placement as possible
Keep you up to date with current teacher issues via our termly newsletter
Respect your wishes if you ask not to be sent to a particular school
Provide quality free training delivered by specialists on a range of topical issues
Keep in contact with you on a regular basis
Provide advice, support and guidance throughout your time with Salford Supply Desk
Provide links to educational websites from our own website on
Salford Supply Desk was established in 2001 and has been supporting Greater Manchester local schools with over fifteen years of superior teacher supply cover.

By being always in touch with our teachers and local schools we get to know their real needs and everyday requirements.

Our supply teachers play a very important role in ensuring that schools run smoothly and pupils are well taught.

Flexibility at short notice …
Commitment to providing a professional service means remaining flexible at all times!
Salford Supply Desk teachers will take on a range of placements in different schools and often at short notice.

Schools value our work …
Maintaining the highest standards and quality of teacher supply is vital to local schools and foremost in what we do.

We continually review our level of service and we always welcome feedback on any issues that you need us to know so we can maintain best practice.

Salford Supply Desk values the work our teachers do.

It is pleasing to know that our schools value the work that we do, too!

Schools have commented that:

The personal service we provide is never less than honest, efficient and reliable.
We recognise and understand the importance of assisting our team of teachers and our Primary schools to obtain best value and benefit.
Our teachers are experienced, quality professionals.
They know they can always talk to us about school issues because we are teachers too and understand their concerns.
We value and support our teachers.

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We welcome answering any questions you may have regarding our service to Primary schools.

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We welcome answering any questions you may have regarding our service.

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